Officers & Employees

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Board of Directors:  Back Row - Stanley Buxa, Kathy Shelor, Leif Lindseth, Michael Faul 
Seated - Jared Hanson, Howard Schaan, Todd Toso

Employees & Officers

Back Row Left to Right – Ryan Filler, Todd Toso, Howard Schaan, Jared Hanson, Jim English.

Middle Row – Jackie Klier, Mary Kennedy, Buffy Edinger, Jessica Hill, Halle Wiedmeier, Jodi Isaak

Front Row – Dawn Appelt, Brenda Ruport, Riley Opp, Maddison Schmaltz


Loan Officers: Jared D. Hanson; President and CEO, Todd L. Toso, Vice President; Maddison Schmaltz; loan officer

Loan Assistants: Jackie Klier and Mary Kennedy, Receptionist: Colleen Bibelheimer (not pictured)

Tellers: Buffy Edinger,  Halle Wiedmeier and Jessica Hill


Bookkeepers:  Riley Opp, Brenda Ruport and Dawn Appelt



 First State Bank of Anamoose: Ryan Filler, Insurance Agent; Jodi Isaak, Teller/Insurance Agent


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Investment and Blue Cross Rep: Jim English