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SHAZAM Brella 

Shazam Brella allows you to have more control over your First State Bank of Harvey SHAZAM Debit Card

Brella allows the cardholders to the following:

  • View balance information for the primary account for each registered debit card
  • Set up alerts for various transactions - received via app notifications, text, or email 
    • Transactions that appear suspicious to Shazam Fraud Management Services
    • Transactions over a set dollar amount
    • Card-Not-Present transactions like phone or internet purchases
  • Set up blocks for various transactions
    • All transactions (temporary block if you misplaced your card)
    • Transactions over a set dollar amount
    • Card-Not-Present transactions
    • Foreign Transactions


Ways to access SHAZAM Brella

Brella Web Portal - allows cardholders to enroll and access Brella through a web browser on a PC, Mac, or mobile Device

or Download the Brella app for your mobile device. If enrolling on your mobile device check out the Brella User Guide.pdf

Apple App Store


Google Play Store


​​​​​​​PLEASE NOTE - Brella is for managing your debit card - head over to our online or mobile banking pages to see how our Online and Mobile Banking services can make banking more convenient.